“I was completely absorbed by this story song of a grandson and grandmother trying to connect both to the world around them and to their sense of self.” —Tina Makereti, author of The Imaginary Lives of James Pōneke and Where the Rēkohu Bone Sings.

“This book kept surprising me. I loved its fascination with the body’s sleights of hand, and the attention it paid to childhood, memory and other buried things.” —Anna Smaill, author of The Chimes and Bird Life.

Shortlisted for the 2024 NZ Book Awards

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Root Leaf Flower Fruit

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“No, seriously, it’s fucking great writing.” —Simon Sweetman, goodreads.com

Memorandum of Understanding

The best of the Sport 2005-2019

A Game of Two Halves

A collection of tramping writing

Across the Pass

A Journal for the New Zealand Outdoors

A bushshirt

Giant Steps (2010) | Memorandum of Understanding (2017)

A Champion

I saw her through a series of precision cut mirrors